Bringing Out The Chosen Theme For The Party

One of the steps to running an event or a party is choosing a theme. Many people just go for a regular theme or a party theme. However, there are certain people that want to get creative and choose a different type of theme. This can make things a little challenging for event planners in NYC. After all, it takes a special type of knowledge in order for one to actually bring out the essence of the event. Another thing to consider is that a lot o people have tried many different themes. Therefore, it is very likely that someone has tried this theme that one has decided on before.


Fortunately, one can figure out ways to bring out the best in the theme with the help of event planning companies in NYC such as Twenty Three Layers. One of the things that Twenty Three Layers can do is look at other people that have tried different themes in order to find ways to be unique. One thing that people don’t want is an exact copy of another event. Therefore, event planners have to find something that is going to make this event very unique, fun and memorable.


One of the best ways for an event to be memorable with a theme that has been tried before is by using knowledge. If one has extensive knowledge about anything that the theme is based on, then they will be able to use that put together something. In some cases, it is the details that are going to bring the event to a level beyond the other events with the same event. One of the objectives for people is to make sure that people are not only having fun, but are also learning something new and useful about the party they are attending.

Sam Tabar Tops the List of Leading Entrepreneurs with Multiple Professional Accomplishments

A multilingual speaker with a sparkling reputation for amazing international business zeal and acumen, Sam Tabar bestrides the global financial industry with ease, assurance, and confidence. A resident of New York City, he is reputed as a leading authority in hedge fund management apart from being an accomplished and dependable attorney at law.

His awesome career is admirable and spans many years of active involvement in various advisory positions for leading financial organizations like The Bank of America. He is a man who wears many professional hats in the legal, financial and business circles.

Presently, he is the Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel Inc., a company in New York City specializing in manufacturing protective clothes for children that have inbuilt devices for safety able to send off alert signals to caregivers or parents when a child is lost or wanders away.

Bloomberg said that as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, Sam Tabar demonstrates keen environmental awareness and his concern for noxious carbon print emission. He plays a leading role in this company whose key mission is a production of renewable and sustainable energy by refitting electricity generating plants to use solid waste for combustion in place of fossil fuels. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Amongst his myriad professional achievements are roles such as; initiatives in investor relations and innovative global marketing strategies, capital and investor fund raising techniques, and legal and financial commentaries for major publications like the Huffington Post.

As member of the New York state bar, he is serving as a prominent and leading advisory attorney with prestigious law firms such as Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom from New York City, for whom he at one time managed an account as a liaison for hedge fund for PMA Investment Advisors, a firm based in Hong Kong. He has also worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel.

Due to his avid interest in finance, Sam Tabar fishes for prospective investors in institutions and introduces them to fund managers throughout the Asia-Pacific region. For this, his ability to fluently speak both Japanese and French besides English comes in handy.

Interestingly, apart from being a capital strategist, fund manager and an attorney at large, he also maintains a vibrant social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He dubs in various charities too. With such a multifaceted business model and accomplishments, he surely is the ideal service provider you are looking for!

The Traveling Vineyard Is Fantastic

At The Traveling Vineyard, you can become a Wine Guide that will give you the ability to run your own business, and operate at the pace that feels comfortable for you. By making sales, you can make profits that can give you the added finances that you need in your life.

When you become a Wine Guide for the company, you can work as many hours as you like. There are people that like to work full-time, and there are others that work around their other responsibilities in their lives.

The training and support that is offered with The Traveling Vineyard is fantastic, and important. You will have a team leader that can also guide you in your endeavors. On the website, you will find that there are training modules that you can do at your own scheduling needs. Having all this available to you will give you the necessary means to create the best success ever.

You can have your customers sign up for wine tasting parties at their homes. This is a great way for you to make money, and to meet new people that are having a lot of fun when they are tasting the wines that you will bring with you. You will find that there are ways that you can encourage others to host the parties.

On the social media sites, you will be able to attract even more customers, since The Traveling Vineyard’s exposure on the Internet is very great. It is a company that promotes itself in fantastic ways, and this will allow you to make even more money.