Securus Technologies fights contraband cellular devices through hi-tech means

One of the most serious issues facing modern penal institutions is the threat of illegal cellular devices. Although most people may not fully appreciate the threat that these devices pose to carceral institutions, they’re often used by gangs and their leaders to perpetrate criminal acts, both inside and outside of the prison. Allowing dangerous gangs and hardened criminals access to these devices can easily undermine the safety and security of both the prison and the public-at-large.


One company, Securus Technologies, one of the largest security and communications companies in the country, has been making significant progress in the fight against illicit cellular devices in the nation’s prisons. Through its technology called Stingray, Securus has been able to develop a system that can not only detect all illegal cellular devices but can also intercept communications on them, giving officers a huge advantage in the fight against gang activity within prisons throughout the country.


In fact, prisons where the Stingray system has been deployed are reporting an almost complete elimination of all illegal cellular devices. This can be measured by the number of illegal devices confiscated by guards during routine raides of inmates’ quarters, which almost always will turn up significant numbers of illegal cellular devices. New devices are smuggled in by various means, including those coming to visit inmates and guards who are operating in concert with gangs and inmates, who sell the devices for cash and other bartering items or use them for crime.


The ability of prisons to successfully detect and intercept all illegal communications as well as the ability to confiscate the devices through the use of sophisticated localization equipment has given these prisons a huge edge in the fight against contraband cellular phone. This enormously popular technology is being deployed to more and more prisons across the United States, making it ever more difficult for gangs and other criminals to utilize contraband cell phones successfully.