Mark Hutchinson a Man with a Plan

Meet lifelong learner, wildlife preserver and founder of Wild Ark, Mark Hutchinson. He has always had a love for wildlife and its preservation. Mark strongly believes that preservation of nature and wildlife is vital for all generations. Because of his beliefs, Mark has made it his life’s mission to educate others. Seeking to share his passion for nature through educating and exposing others to nature at its best. Learn more:


Mark holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sidney, an MBA from INSEAD School of Business in France and is currently completing a Masters of Conservation Biology at Macquarie University. Mark shares his passion for nature and educating others with his family. Who can be found with him on many of his travels. Learn more:


Hutchinson has developed many entrepreneurial projects on the path to birthing his dream. He has never wavered from his ultimate goal of leaving the world in a better state for generations to come. He sees nature as a common denominator for all man-kind. He strongly believes that everyone should have a connection with nature. He continues to inspire others to find their connection with nature through personal discovery. His business ventures have all sought to do just that! Learn more:


In 2015, he made the major decision to leave corporate America and once again follow his lifelong dream of connecting man with nature and it’s wonders. His dedication and passion has lead him to invest his time and energy in inspiring others to protect our delicate ecosystems.


Mark’s first conservancy is located in the Kruger region of South Africa. He and his business partners Anton Lategan and Alex Van Den Heever continue to secure locations around the world. They each seek to develop ways to incorporate a digital consciousness that will involve others wanting to share in the preservation of man’s greatest resource. They offer training, wildlife tours, guides and a wealth of wonderful wildlife educational excursions.