Happiness to Bob Reina is a Warm Puppy

Compassion for animals can be intimately associated with the goodness and character of a man. If that be true, it’s no wonder Bob Reina a former Hillsborough County Sheriff, has so many accolades attached to his name when it comes up in a conversation. Bob Reina, a self proclaimed animal lover, a champion of animal causes, and a respected mentor of his community, is one cool dude. This humble easily accessible business titan, he is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, is the man behind a million dollar gift to the Humane Society of Tampa.


When it comes to the well-being of animals, Bob Reina is a philanthropist whose love and generosity for our four legged friends has no bounds. The owner and rescuer of eleven dogs and cat, his personal menagerie includes five stray cats: Lucky, Chance, Madison, Mystery, and Scrappy; three bassets hounds: Presley, Blue Bell, and Stormy; and Bindi a rescued Labrador mix who survived an alligator attack and looks like a giraffe. When asked about his love for animals, Mr. Reina’s response is simple, “I’m just a big animal lover.” He admits to being that way his whole life. ” Animals can’t help themselves,” he says, and even though there are a lot of other causes in the world that help animals and people, Reina has “an affinity for pets.” Learn more: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xn0r8i_invite-them-to-the-webinars-talk-fusion-bob-reina_news



The Humane Society of Tampa Bay was established in 1912. For years, the society’s primary objective has been ending homelessness among animals. They have met that objective by providing care and comfort for needy animals. They are Four Star Charity accredited by AAHA. Mr. Reina’s initial gift of $250,000 was followed by a gift of $750,000. The donations will help the society build a low cost vet service clinic for pet owners who can not afford vital pet services.