Dick DeVos; Giving Poor Families’ Children Hope

Betsy DeVos Career in politics dates back to her time at Calvin College where she was a student leader and has been involved in politics ever since. Currently, Betsy is the Cabinet Secretary for Education in the US. During an interview with Philanthropy, Mrs. DeVos shared her role in educational reforms particularly her passion for championing school choice. Betsy expressed that she discovered that many parents at Potter’s House Christian School struggled to pay tuition fees for their kids and it is because of this that she and her husband Dick DeVos started paying school fees for individual students.


The number gradually increased, and it became an entire community of students. While Betsy and Dick enjoyed the privilege of choosing a school for their kids, most low-income families did not have such privilege and as such began advocating for school choice where parents could access schools outside their Zip codes. According to Mrs. DeVos, I Discovered that her most celebrated success includes the Florida Tax-credit scholarship fund that currently serves over 50,000 scholars and lets them attend the school of their choice.


Moreover, presently over 250,000 kids are learning in 33 publicly funded, private-choice programs in 17 states as well as District of Columbia. The number is expected to continue growing over the years. Among other educational reforms that Betsy believes modern parents should embrace include the homeschooling option, digital learning and charter schools.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is a successful business person and a politician and has held multiple executive positions including working as the CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002. Looking at his tenure at Amway, I learned that Mr. DeVos managed to expand the firm’s operations in more than 50 nations raising the company’s internal sales to approximately $4.5 billion. Other posts held by Dick DeVos include being the President of Windquest Group and the President and CEO or Orlando Magic.


Besides, Mr. Dick DeVos is a renowned philanthropy and has donated millions of dollars to support various charities including education, religion, health and arts & culture. Dick is the founder of the Education Freedom Fund that offers scholarships to children from low-income families. In 2010, her Husband Dick started the first aviation Charter School as supposed to a private school. The school was known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy and was free to the public allowing more scholars to attend. Additionally, Mr. DeVos is a member of various charitable firms like Grand Rapid Economic Club, Willow Creek Association, and Spectrum Health among many others.

The DeVos family name has a long history of philanthropy, and I believe that Besty and Dick have lived up to their family name.


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