Kim Dao Discusses Her Leaving Japan

Kim Dao is a beauty/life YouTuber. She recently posted a new video explaining that she was leaving Japan. She mentioned how in a previous video she said she wanted to move to Japan for about a year because she have always wanted to live abroad.


In the video, Kim Dao talked about her new plan, which included going back to her home country of Australia ( Kim Dao continued to say she’s been stressed out and thought it would do her some good to be around her loved ones, including her boyfriend, friends and family.


Kim Dao discussed what her other travel plans are. She plans on going to both Korea and Europe. Kim Dao explained how she was actually invited to Korea by the Korean government. Eventually she does plan on going back to Australia for good.


She talked about meetups too. She said she would like to do some meetups while she is travelling. Also in the video, she talked about how scary it was when she thought about driving in Japan, but she did end up doing it and she loved it. Learn more:


Those who are interested in watching her video can watch it here. Don’t forget to watch her other videos too.