Kim Dao Discusses Her Leaving Japan

Kim Dao is a beauty/life YouTuber. She recently posted a new video explaining that she was leaving Japan. She mentioned how in a previous video she said she wanted to move to Japan for about a year because she have always wanted to live abroad.


In the video, Kim Dao talked about her new plan, which included going back to her home country of Australia ( Kim Dao continued to say she’s been stressed out and thought it would do her some good to be around her loved ones, including her boyfriend, friends and family.


Kim Dao discussed what her other travel plans are. She plans on going to both Korea and Europe. Kim Dao explained how she was actually invited to Korea by the Korean government. Eventually she does plan on going back to Australia for good.


She talked about meetups too. She said she would like to do some meetups while she is travelling. Also in the video, she talked about how scary it was when she thought about driving in Japan, but she did end up doing it and she loved it. Learn more:


Those who are interested in watching her video can watch it here. Don’t forget to watch her other videos too.


Sheldon Lavin: The Global Visionary

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the 81 year old Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC. Sheldon is also the current President of OSI International Foods Limited. Amongst many other titles, Sheldon was the director of the National Fish and Wildlife association and is the General Trustee of the Rush University Medical Center.

With over 43 years of experience, Sheldon has had a successful career with OSI. He joined the company in 1970 after arranging financing for Otto & Sons, OSI’s predecessor. As a successful investor and banking executive, Mr. Lavin had virtually no experience in the meat industry when he was approached to finance the then small and unknown firm. This is why he initially declined to work with them but later on agreed to come in only as a consultant.

In mid 1970’s he helped Otto & Sons arrange for financing to help them build a meat processing facility. This helped the company to grow substantially and was soon looking to expand internationally. As this was happening, Lavin became equal partners with the two son’s as Otto himself was retiring from the business. In the late 1970’s, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI and soon Sheldon was working full time on special request from McDonald’s.

One of the two brother’s sought to retire and Mr. Lavin bought his stake and thus gained a 50% controlling interest in the company. A few years later, the remaining brother also retired leaving Sheldon with the 100% stake in the company. With Sheldon at the helm of OSI, the company has witnessed phenomenal international growth. The company has grown from burger meat supplier to a world wide food and food services supplier with 20,000 employees in 55 facilities across 16 countries.

OSI has received numerous awards under Sheldon’s leadership. These awards honor the company’s commitment to environmental management as well as health and safety risk management. Mr. Lavin is an active philanthropist. He has supported several different charities such as the United Negro College Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund and Ronald McDonald House Charities. He has been married for 55 years and has 3 children.

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OSI Group Has Benefited From Global Expansion

David G. McDonald is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. David is committed to conducting business in a responsible manner. He plans to continue to evolve the company while sustaining environmental resources. OSI Group is a food servicing company that mainly produces beef, fish, bakery items, pork, fruit, poultry, and cheese. They provide sourcing, development, production, and distribution services to their customers which will allow them to expand their brand in an efficient and effective manner. OSI Group is very concerned about sustainability and they strive to create new methods to maintain a positive relationship with the environment as well as with people and communities. They are concerned with animal welfare, energy savings, and environmental impact.

David has worked very hard to expand the brand globally. OSI Group recently purchased Boha Foods, a Dutch food manufacturing company. He believes that this acquisition will help to establish a stronger European presence for the business. OSI Industries first opened their food processing plant in Beijing in 1992. They since have helped to boost China’s economy over the last twenty years. OSI China has become the leading supplier of meats for several highly reputable companies including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King, and Subway. OSI Global believes there is a wealth of strength in expanding your business globally. Having a global network means you have the power associated with the global scale as well as being able to utilize local solutions. They currently have 50 locations that span over 17 different nations. David believes in the importance of expansion as well as product development. He feels that the company needs to be able to produce enough product globally but he also understands the importance of creating new products that will help businesses to grow at a quick rate.

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Samuel Strauch And His Real Estate Expertise

Samuel Strauch is a well-known real estate broker in Miami who has been in the industry for many years. He has a unique perspective on the industry, and he knows how to make the best investments for each client. This article explains how Samuel Strauch is doing amazing work in one of the most-beautiful cities in the world.

#1: Choosing Better Developments

Samuel Strauch has a track record of choosing better developments to invest in, and he will find that there are many places for his customers to invest base don his research. He knows the city of Miami quite well, and he has an idea of how other communities around the country have been built. It is easy for him to help his clients grow their portfolios, and he believes that it is easier to help his customers when they wish to invest throughout Miami.

#2: Why Is Miami An Easy Place To Invest?

Investing in Miami is quite simple, and there are many different people who will come to the city because it has better weather and style. The city is growing every day, and there are many different people who come to the city because they are intrigued by this place. The city is becoming a more cosmopolitan place to live, and it is one that is seen on TV and in the movies often.

#3: Increasing Value

The clients who are investing with Samuel Strauch will find that their value is much higher because they have invested early in things in Miami that are growing. There are many residences and office buildings around the city that are easy to manage, and Samuel knows how easy it is to help his clients get into new projects that he is aware of.

Someone who is searching for a way to earn money in real estate investment will find that they may ask Samuel Strauch for assistance. He will help them spend their money in a wise way, and he will give them many different ways to build their portfolios to a higher value that is derived from the city of Miami.

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Dr. Imran Haque: Convenient Way of Visiting a Health Clinic

Dr. Imran Haque has established his office in the towns of Asheboro and Ramseur in North Carolina. Other towns and areas surrounding these towns are also benefiting from his clinic, as their proximity to the aforementioned towns is just a short drive away. He has been one of the most outstanding internist, someone who has been doing his practice in the field for over fifteen years. He has been diligent in seeing his patients who have set up an appointment with him, and is very willing to alter his schedule to entertain someone, if it permits him to do so. His clinic in Asheboro and Ramseur is offering a variety of treatment for his patients. He does physical exams, diabetes management and treatment, weight management, and beautification processes like hair removal, 360 resurfacing, body contouring, Botox treatment and dermal filling services. Dr. Imran Haque is an alumnus of the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program, where he underwent training in order to get his license for medical practice. He also obtained a certification program for internal medicine, which allows him to perform his practice for years to come. His specialized knowledge in his chosen field is beneficial both to him and his patients, as he would know what treatment or medication he can give out to help them. He often examines what the results his patients wanted to have, and if applicable, he would act upon it immediately. He also loves to suggest other treatment and services which, he believes, would make a positive outcome for the patient.


The main reason why patients flock to his clinic is because of their affordable and effective diabetes treatment option. Many people drive from different counties and townships just to see Dr. Imran Haque. His knowledge about the disease is so vast that every patient visiting him has a huge chance of recovering from the disease. The effectivity of his approach has reached local headlines, giving hopes to those who are suffering from diabetes. His license to practice and certification by the board only adds authentication and proof of how good of a physician Dr. Imran Haque is. It also adds confidence to those who visit his office that they are in the right hands. He also offers weight management treatment for those who are overweight, and the service includes multiple visits to his clinic for initial interviews and the collection of their medical history and vital signs. This treatment has a high positive outcome, and testimonials from his previous patients proved how big changes started happening the time they followed the doctor’s orders and used the medication that he prescribed.


Aside from the usual physical examinations, diabetes treatment and weight management services, his clinic also offer beautification procedures, which are also top-notch. Among these are the 360 resurfacing service that causes the skin to rejuvenate through the help of laser technology, laser hair removal, and Venus body contouring. Interested patients could contact his office and set up an appointment that is convenient for them, and Dr. Imran Haque is sure to help out the patients who have medical needs.